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Mobile device?

When will Czech be available on the iphone? I keep getting an error when I log into my app (vs the website) that tells me Czech isn't supported and pick another language. I can do my lessons on the website though (although I am currently stuck due to the issue of the submit button graying out and not letting me submit answers :( which stinks). I know it's in Beta, but shouldn't we be able to use it on our mobiles while it is? Thanks!

September 7, 2017



Duolingo usually waits a while after launching to beta before they add the mobile versions (except the languages that actually start on mobiles instead of the web, but this is not the case).


Thanks! I hope it's released soon!


Me too. Can't wait ! :)))))))


You can however access it using the web browser on your phone. Its formatted fairly well for mobile access. I do that because my phone has easier keyboard switching so I can practice with all the accent marks.


It doesn't work on my phone, no sound :( I'm on my desktop computer, which is working great!


Apps are not released till a course graduates from Beta.


It doesn't take that long - you can already learn Hungarian or Swahili, although they are still in beta. But the course needs to be settled somewhat.


Thanks! I can't wait :)

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