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"Tamhleta děvčata mne nezajímají."

Translation:Those girls do not interest me.

September 7, 2017



Is this correct? Is it not "those girls are not interested in me?" Or do i just have low self-esteem?


No, that is the opposite! The sentence in this exercise means that I am not interested in those girls, not that those girls are not interested in me.


Doesn't nezajímají mean they are not interested? Shouldn't it be nezajímaji or nezajímám?


Please read the previous questions and answers.


Actually yes, it does not mean that. It seems Czech does not use the passive for this. Therefore, "they are not interested (in me)" becomes "(I) do not interest/am not interesting to them" = "(je) nezajímám" and "(mne) nezajímají" = "(They) do not interest/are not interesting to me" becomes "I am not interested (in them)" or what you might mean by that "I have no interest in them" = "Nemám o ně zájem."

Near as I can tell "nezajímaji" without the final accent does not exist.

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