"You send many messages."

Translation:Voi dați multe mesaje.

September 7, 2017

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It does not even give trimiteti (which is suggested when you click on send) as an answer!!


I did not use "dați" since that means "give" rather than "send" ("trimiteți"). Correct?


Yeah. "you give" = tu dai/voi daţi (pronoun,second person singular/plural) "you send" = tu trimiţi/voi trimiteţi


You can use dați or trimiteți for sending a message.


”A da mesaje” is really colloquial Romanian. As the course is about standard Romanian, it should be ”Voi expediați/trimiteți multe mesaje.”

It looks like the whole course was made perfunctory. It is a shame.


do you think the course is really bad? I am learning with it for around 5 months. slow but steady, repeating lessons until i mastered them, practice with romanian freinds, ask them for explanations of certain topics i wanted to ask them about, to hear it from them, also pronunciation they help me with. But are you saying this course if kinda worthless or would you still recommend me to continue on it? xxxxx merci mult frate


The underline prompts do not show dati at all - it uses trimiteti. So don't count my answer incorrect!


I suppose the correct answer could be "Dati multe bufnițe" if we're talking Hogwarts.


"A da" means "to give"..... It's better to say "A trimite"?

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