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I'm going to try every tree today.

I haven't tried some languages so I'm going to get to level two in every one so I have a lot of flags, wish me luck Duo! I'd just like to say thanks to the staff of all these new languages, Korean, Czech, Japanese, and even High Valyrian, this is the best language learning app for one major reason, the price! Twenty years ago, language learning was limited to only people with the money to fund their studies, but the digital age is changing that and Duolingo is at the forefront of free language learning. Duo is still in it's fledgling days but I know that it will grow into something even greater! I am also so very excited to hear that Mandarin will be coming soon as I want to study it more than any other language not yet here (Icelandic is a close second because I find the island fascinating)

September 7, 2017



Alright! I tried every one except for High Valyrian (Which I will try when I am done with this post) The hardest at first glance, for me a native English speaker, is Turkish, Hungarian, Hebrew, and the slavic languages (espescially Polish which seems insane) Vietnamese and to a lesser extent, Irish Gaelic. I found out that I like Romanian, & Welsh which i did not realize before and am now considering taking one on. As far as the romance family goes, French seems to be the hardest, and in Germanic I found the Danish spelling to be really weird. This is also the first time I ever got more than 1000 EXP, which is a huge milestone, as my old record was 300 and something. Thanks for your comments, and happy language learning!


That's awesome, congrats for the milestone! You now have a lot of flags haha :P


Going for the Duo-buffet, are we? :) Good luck!


If you are interested in a free sort-of Duo-like Icelandic course, have you tried IcelandicOnline.com?


No, I have not, (only a few Memrise courses) but I will now! Þakka þér fyrir!


Bro, you'll like Korean. I see you're already at level 3! I can already speak Korean, so if you have questions, I can try to help ☺ Keep going in your awesome studies! 건배! ♪


Yes, I have found already that although I like syllabaries I am enjoying Hangeul more than Kana in Japanese, I will not give up Korean!


Same here. I find Hangeul much easier to understand and more awesome than Hiragana.


I feel the vowel combinations make pronunciation of Korean harder to memorize but it is good preparation for myself since I adamantly want to learn Mandarin. I find the writing system to be logical, whereas with Japanese kana seems very random and there are less patterns, in Korean everything follows the patterns.


Exactly! The hiragana seems so weird and random: Hangeul actually makes sense.


Yes, Korean has patterns. They also have their own sort of "Latin Roots" or "root words", meaning some words are actually all or partially derived from Chinese characters. 한자 is the word for those characters used. For example, let's say I want to talk about the word Patbingsu (팟빙수). It's a dessert dish made with red beans, or 팟 (I believe this isn't from Chinese). Although 빙 and 수 is derived from the Chinese characters for ice (冰) and water (水), respectively, they are written and pronounced in the Korean language. Does it make sense? It's like us speaking English or using scientific words. Even if it contains Latin roots or words, we write and pronounce it our way, though the meaning is from Latin. So if you know 한자, you will know some Chinese characters, though the pronunciation will be different. I've even heard some amazing stories of Koreans communicating with Chinese through characters since Koreans learn some too! Hope this gave some new insight! ☺ ♪ [PS you should totally try patbingsu if you can. Delicious!]


Good luck! I know you can do it!


Your goal is quite possible. I will be trying out Korean soon!


The poster is just taking a taste of everything on the buffet. You have actually had a meal in most languages!


It sounds interesting. Good luck!!


I always try courses when they come out and when I first started using Duolingo, I tried all of them. It was fun and helped me get an idea of whether or not learning that language would become a near future priority. Good luck!


This is definitely a cool idea, I might have to give this a try once!


I honestly think you could do it

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