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  5. "Ano, dobrý den."

"Ano, dobrý den."

Translation:Yes, hello.

September 7, 2017



im very confused on how and when to use the word "den". can anyone explain?


The word "den" means "a day" in English. "dobrý den" literally means "good day". What kind of other explanation do you need? It will certainly come up later in the course.


I believe @Jamesenger03 was referring to the use of 'den' in the scenario 'dobrý den' when the available answers didn't include 'day'.


Den means day, so dobrý den means good day = hello/ahoj


There is only vecer as option to choose, so it is an error/bug


Where to choose? In which kind of exercise? Do you have a screenshot?

We do not control the word bank tiles anyway, the computer does that.

Note that you are commenting under the exercise to translate from Czech to English, not from English to Czech.

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