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  5. "Ano, dobrý den."

"Ano, dobrý den."

Translation:Yes, hello.

September 7, 2017



It is a bit problematic because there is nothing like "good day" in English.

"Dobrý den" can be used basically anytime and it is formal. It means something like hello, hi, good morning/afternoon.

"Dobré ráno" means good morning

"Dobré poledne" is something like "good noon"=12 o'clock

"Dobré odpoledne" means good afternoon

"Dobrý večer" is good evening

"Dobrou noc" means good night


I feel like Dobrý den is like the formal UK English way to say hello or goodbye even. In US English it's rarely used.


not "goodbye". we have "na shledanou" for that. the "good day" leave taking does not transfer to the literal czech translation.


im very confused on how and when to use the word "den". can anyone explain?


The word "den" means "a day" in English. "dobrý den" literally means "good day". What kind of other explanation do you need? It will certainly come up later in the course.


I believe @Jamesenger03 was referring to the use of 'den' in the scenario 'dobrý den' when the available answers didn't include 'day'.


Den means day, so dobrý den means good day = hello/ahoj

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