"Ano, dobrý den."

Translation:Yes, hello.

September 7, 2017



this should say "dobre rano"

September 21, 2017


true, dobry den is more of a "good day" or "hello" greeting rather than good morning

September 23, 2017


It is an acceptable translation in the opposite direction. Here it is to show you that Czech is using den more often then ráno or odpoledne while English does not really have such a greeting.

September 21, 2017


Isnt rano morning?

October 1, 2018


Ráno Is morning or early day

January 9, 2019


Good morning – dobre rano. Good afternoon – dobrý den. Good evening – Dobrý večer.

September 19, 2018


Good afternoon = dobré odpoledne

Dobrý den = good day (usable 24/7)

March 20, 2019


No, it is not that simple.

December 16, 2018


I think those are acceptable direct/literal translations for the words.

I feel it is better for beginners to learn the literal meanings then transition to the abstracted intents of the phrases.

BTW, this scenario 'ano, dobrý den' accepted "yes, hello" as the answer. I believe it should have been "yes, good day".

January 9, 2019


If you want literal meanings then Good afternoon is dobré odpoledne and not dobrý den.

Good day is accepted but is not really used as an everyday greeting except of the Australian "g'd day". Hello is the everyday greeting in English and so is dobrý den in Czech.

January 9, 2019


im very confused on how and when to use the word "den". can anyone explain?

January 2, 2019


The word "den" means "a day" in English. "dobrý den" literally means "good day". What kind of other explanation do you need? It will certainly come up later in the course.

January 2, 2019


I believe @Jamesenger03 was referring to the use of 'den' in the scenario 'dobrý den' when the available answers didn't include 'day'.

January 9, 2019


There is only vecer as option to choose, so it is an error/bug

January 27, 2019


Where to choose? In which kind of exercise? Do you have a screenshot?

We do not control the word bank tiles anyway, the computer does that.

Not you are commenting on an exercise to translate to English, not Czech.

January 28, 2019
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