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Want To Learn Korean Hangeul In "15 Minutes"?


About a year ago, I learned the Hangeul Alphabet in about an hour. Pronunciation-wise, I'm still horrible with Korean, but with reading/romanizing, I get a great jist of what is written! It was with the help of this comic by 9Gag down below. It says 15 minutes, but in order for me to actually feel somewhat comfortable, I definitely took more time when I learned it.

So, if you want some help, you can read this comic and study it for the next half hour or something, and then you'll be on your way to learning Korean!

The 9Gag Comic: http://bit.ly/2j8OYLR

Edit: Please do remember that Korean romanization is not accurate in pronunciation! Also, to skip the first few Korean Alphabet lessons, you must know a few of the words inside it such as 아이 (Child), etc. So, I would just learn and not skip the lessons, still reading the comic. It's all good practice! :))

Edit: Also, Korean Hangeul Batchim and other pronunciation things are barely touched on in this comic. It's not 100% accurate, but for the most part is has everything. At some point afterward, I would suggest reading the Tips & Notes on Alphabet 1 & 2 in their respectful posts. :))

September 7, 2017



Racking my brains to think where I know the name Ryan Estrada from. Obviously he's a cartoonist & it must be something to do with Korean, but which website do I know him from...


Which parts aren't 100% accurate?


The parts on Batchim, they are correct to an extent. There is, unfortunately, more complicated rules with Batchim, but for the most part, the comic is very informative on the topic nonetheless. :))


Yep. Thank you so much for showing it to us!


Haha, no problem! :))


A good place to learn and revise Hangeul really quick and fairly enjoyably is on KoreanClass101 on Youtube.

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    Lingot to you! Thanks! This helped alot!


    Funny comic with a few helpful ideas. Thanks for sharing! I would suggest reading the Tips and Notes on EVERY Duolingo section. They are helpful.

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