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  5. "Wat sta je nu te kijken?"

"Wat sta je nu te kijken?"

Translation:What are you looking at?

September 7, 2017



And is it as rude as it sounds (at least to me) in English?


Yes. It is actually not so much about "looking at" something, it is about "looking clueless / helpless", it is more expressing a feeling like: "You have no clue, go do something". "Get your act together". Maybe there is a similar english expression? A literal translation as offered by Duolingo, is actually useless.


If I've understood you correctly, the British English idiom would be "what are you gawking at". To gawk = to look/stare at something/someone in a rude, stupid or unthinking way.


If I understand correctly, this would be used less when someone is being rude/wants to start a fight and more when someone is daydreaming. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

In this circumstance, I would say "what are you staring at? get back to work!" - I would not use "looking at", because "staring" has more emphasis on a prolongation.

By contrast, I would use "looking at" and "staring at" interchangeably if I wanted to start a fight.


@beerzoe, there is also a cultural thing about staring at people. In american/ english culture it is not "polite" or even "confrontational". In holland staring is more common and more a sign of interest. It is like watching television, people can be fun :) to stare at. And as a result in Holland people also speak to complete strangers.


If this was about my use of the word rude, I didn't mean it as 'trying to start a fight'. In the UK, we are always told as children "it's rude to stare", because the likelihood is that looking at someone for a long time will make them uncomfortable.

But I agree that "what are you looking at" can sound more confrontational!


Should "nu" be translated as "now"?


No, it's an idiom. (You can translate it, it is accepted, but it's not necessary!) ;)


I put "what are you now looking at" and it wasn't accepted. Perhaps "what are you looking at now" might have been? The latter sounds more natural.


"What are you watching now?" was not accepted. Maybe it should be.


I also put "what are you now looking at", and it wasn't accepted either.


I know "What are you looking at now?" is accepted (I used it--because that nu just seemed to be there for a reason.) but could you write this same sentence without the nu in there.


Why is "What are you now looking at?" not acceptable?


It's not how I'd put that in English.

"What are you looking at now?" or "Now, what are you looking at" sound more natural to me.


Shouldn't "what are you staring at" be accepted?


'What are you watching now' wasn't accepted, should it have been? I'm English and it says that kijken also mean 'to watch'.


I think it should be, I've reported it


Can I change sta to ben?


You forgot to translate the word NOW.


I wondered if it meant 'What are you looking for?' as 'What are you looking at?' Can certainly be taken the wrong way in the UK. Thanks Freek.

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