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  5. "여자 또는 책"

"여자 또는 "

Translation:A woman or a book

September 7, 2017


[deactivated user]

    What determines that 책 is supposed to be plural in this sentence? I got "book" marked wrong and the correction said it should be "books"


    들 is the plural marker. In earlier exercises the difference between man (남자) and men (남자들)


    Yes, but the plural indicator is not required and is often not used, so it is absolutely plural with it, but without it either plural or singular can be used.


    I don't bother add the article "a" nor put the plural form, and haven't been marked wrong.. I guess you should flag it if you still get it wrong


    I said "Woman or a book" and book was accepted, but woman was listed as wrong (says it should have been women). Pretty sure woman is acceptable here as well.


    If you put “a” for book, why wouldn’t you put “a” for woman? That is not correct English. “A woman or a book” is also accepted as correct.


    But... "woman or book" is not acceptable, why?!


    We would say “a woman or a book”, “the woman or the book” or “women or books”. I cannot think of any situation in which that choice would exist in English in the singular without articles. I mean you could do that with abstract concepts like “This is a situation of life or death.”, but these are concrete things.


    i didn't get "a book" marked wrong. maybe they meant that 책 is "a book" or "books" and forgot to add "book" without an article as a possible option


    I believe this marked as i correct because it requires 'A woman' not 'woman'.


    i choose a woman , then i wrong


    I see you're learning English... I'm not trying to be rude, just for learning experiences, "I chose "a woman," then it said I was wrong." (I know this was a while ago, so you may already know the differences...)


    Did you put “a woman or a book”, because that is accepted as correct.


    How am I supposed to know whether or not to use A before the sentence???


    Use it for Duolingo, unless you put it as plural or unless something makes it obviously specific then you could use "the"


    i put "woman or book" and it wasn't accepted. It sounds awful, but it should still be accepted lol


    "a woman or a book" is accepted, just because Korean does not use articles doesn't mean that you should avoid them when translating to English. You are right. It does sound awful. If it is not something we would say, you should not do it.


    I know that 들 means more than one but have taken lessons and at least in my sessions 책 can mean both book/books.


    Im confused. I thought 호겐 meant 'or'?


    you have five seconds to choose, a woman or a book?


    여자 means woman not women so why it is that I got it wrong.


    Both "A woman or a book" and "Women or books" are correct, since in Korean they often don't bother to put the plural marker, so it could be either. If the plural marker is used, then you won't have the choice to use singular.


    I see that a lot of people are getting their answers to questions like these wrong because duolingo is saying the words in the answer are plural when it's teaching that 들 indicates plural. If the answer was "Women or books" it should look like this according to duolingo: 여자들 또는 책들


    If the plural is indicated, then you have no choice, but in Korean they often don’t bother to indicate the plural so without the plural character 들, then you have the choice of singular or plural and both are accepted by Duolingo. Some people are not using articles or use an article with only one of the two words. “A woman or a book” and “Women or books” are both accepted as correct and “The woman or the book” should also be accepted as correct. The answer at the top of this page is just one possible answer and at the moment it is “A woman or a book”. If you have the tiles to choose from, there will always be tiles to make at least one possible answer although it may not necessarily be the one that you were thinking of. If you have the multiple choice, then you have to choose all correct answers.


    I am speaking correct


    A woman or a book? What does that even mean


    Do you pronounce 책 as " cheg"?


    여자들=women, 여자=a woman 책들=books, 책= a book

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