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  5. "Mój mąż nosi płaszcz."

"Mój mąż nosi płaszcz."

Translation:My husband wears an overcoat.

September 7, 2017



Would "My husband is wearing a coat" be wrong?

[deactivated user]

    Hi, "My husband is wearing a coat" would be Mój mąż ma na sobie płaszcz. Check Jellei's post, "nosić" vs "mieć na sobie", for an explanation.


    Thanks. I did the same mistake. However maybe write a short explanation under this post as the link doesn't work in the app.


    American English speakers don't often, if ever use the term "overcoat." It is just a coat.


    isn't a jacket and a coat the same thing? bc i put jacket and it said i was wrong...


    The best answer is "overcoat". "płaszcz" is generally something longer (you can use Google Graphics). "coat" also works, but "jacket" doesn't seem to fit the description.

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