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Ideas for Duolingo

I have an idea that might make Duolingo better (if thats possible) and I thought others might too! If we all post them here, maybe they will be seen.

I would really like an option to challenge those I am friends with on Duolingo. Like, to wager 10 lingots against my friend for a week streak, not just the computer. Or to wager who can have the longest streak. Also it would be fun to "poke" your friends who havent been on in a while. Or challenge them to a speed course and wager some lingots (whoever gets the most correct wins the wager or soemthing)

Anyway those are my ideas. Let me know your own!

To Duolingo - If you see this, please consider adding these :)

September 7, 2017



I like the wager idea especially that the lingots are hardly being used; hope they will add more lessons to the store. Also, it'd be good setting up a forum in every taught language that only concerns the news about the language-speaking countries, movies, and songs (in the same language); it'd be really interesting and more mind expanding.


That is a super cool idea!

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