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  5. "On není chlapec?"

"On není chlapec?"

Translation:Is he not a boy?

September 7, 2017



Sounds like "ona" when fast, but correct "on" when slow pronunciation.

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Don't worry, it sounds natural to me.


What's the difference between chlapec and kluk?


None to speak of. They are synonyms.


Why "Isn't he a boy?" is not a valid answer?


It is accepted. Use the official reporting feature if it is not accepted for you.


Why is the correct word order not "Není on chlapec?" I answered this correctly, but I only did that because of the giveaway question mark. The spoken words sound like the statement it appears to be. Thanks.


A declarative question has the affirmative question order, which the same as the order of a declarative sentence. Both in Czech and in English.


Sorry Vladafu, I don't follow you. Surely a question in which the subject comes first ("On neni....") is a different layout to one in which the verb comes first ("Is he not....")? They may mean the same thing, but surely in exercises of translation the "official" translated answer should be as reasonably close as possible to the exercise statement? Or have it wrong in that in Czech the question layout verb>noun...? (is he...?; does it...?; can Dave...?; will Martin...? etc) is not the norm as it is in English?


Both English and Czech have declarative (affirmative) questions https://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/grammar/learnit/learnitv333.shtml

In this case the Czech sentence is in the affirmative question order, but the English translation is not (but can be!).

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