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  5. "여자아이는 메시지가 없습니다."

"여자아이는 메시지가 없습니다."

Translation:The girl does not have a message.

September 8, 2017



I said, "The girl has no messages" and it came back with "The girl has not got messages." Wouldn't it be better to say, "The girl does not have any messages"? Anyway, "has no messages" should also be correct.


Learning a negative verb:

Efficient or not, but grammatically accepable in context: ....The girl does not have any messages. ....The girl does not have a message. ....The girl has no messages.

Street...not standard American English: The girl has got no messages.

Considered grammatically correct: ....The girl got no messages.

But “The girl does not got messages” Isn’t even up to street-level grammar. Really surprised by that!

Otherwise, “got” tends towards slang use for “have” but is a form of “to get”. Example: q: Did she get a message? a: Yes, she got a message, or Yes, she has a message.


"She got a message" in English would mean "She received a message."


Although the provided answer is gramatically correct it would be more efficent to say " the girl has no messages" 주신정답은 문법적으론맞지만 the girl had no messages 는 조금더 자연스러운 답인거갔습니다


I said the girl has no messages. Incorrect I guess.


The girl has no messages.


Others are complaining on how it was marked wrong, I'm more focused on why we need to learn this... -_-


When learning languages it's best to learn very random sentences because it's about how the sentence is put together, for example, the first thing my father learned in english was "my tailor is rich". Of corse he has never used that, but he has now been fluent in English for 30+ years. It may be weird but it will be overall beneficial :). Also, much love for Yoongi <3.


Oh yeh...That makes sense. Thank you haha :)


apparently "The girl has no messages" is wrong


No in korean its not


Still trying to wrap my head around the topic and subject markers. In English, in the accepted answer "The girl does not have a message," "girl" is the subject and "message" is the object. However, the Korean sentence gives "girl" the topic marker (는) and "message" gets the subject marker (가 ). Please can someone help me understand this? According to the subject marker, the verb here should apply directly to the subject, "message." Could perhaps I think of a more direct (if in English more clunky) translation to be something like, "As for the girl, there is no message" or something similar? And if that is the case then how do I know whether the message is from, about, or for the girl? I would really appreciate if there is a native speaker who can help clear this up, thanks!


i also have the same question with this :/


I dimt understand why people whi already know korean come to learn and correct everything haha


I said "the girl doesn't have a message " and it came wrong because i wrote short cut for not ?!!!


Not im not confused, this is not accepted my answer and is correct what wrong with this, i writting 6 time de correcct answer


Wait, does 가 signify what is doing the action? I'm still a bit confused as to what the purpose of 가 is here..I thought it was used to signify who/what is doing the action?


There ‘는’ on the end of girl really confuses me, it’s nit normal there it just seems to appear every now and then. Does anyone know the reason for this?


I thought that character ("neun") followed every subject in a sentence, as long as the subject word ends in a vowel, otherwise it would be "eun" instead of "neun."


는 (neun) is a topic marker, I think!


Why is message plural?


I am here again ... Your sentence..."The girl has not got messages." This was your answer. Now does that make any sense to you. I really getting disappointed in this program. Before you changed to the crown system I was learning with repetition...... doing the lesson over and over. I do understand you wanting to improve the program, but there are may mistakes or problems you need to fix. Every week, 3 to 4 days..... I would do 100 - 300 daily, now I do my 50 a day. I made it to 72 days straight and lost that because of your new program and no motivation for new. I still have a strong desire learn Korean, but if this kept going...... I will have to rely more on my other resources.


Apparently I had the correct answer, but it was marked wrong because I forgot the period.


That happens because they don't put all variations in consideration


I said exactly what it wanted me to, but it still marked it as wrong


This is rigged.


GIRL incorrect ... GIRLS is correct .. WHATSSSS


Differences between DON'T and DOESN'T have a massage? I put Girl don't have a massage and it says it is wrong Does is correct. How cam i see the difference? Also for type in Korean do i have to download Korean keyboard? Which is best, please


Also the girl do not have a message is perfectly acceptable


No. The girl does not. The girlS do not.


i can't learn like that.. why ;(


Can you slow down the listen and i can hear all of the words and do it in smaller word sentences for now. I am having toruble saying the entire sentence.


여사아이는 메시지가 없습니다


My answer is "The girl does not have message" and the app checked wrong. Its answer is "The girl does not have a message". Why??? What is the difference?


I got it correct for this question but it says no listening exercise, They will be back in one hour.


Can say it as "The girl does not have the message"


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