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  5. "멋있습니다!"


Translation:It is awesome!

September 8, 2017



Isnt this word also considered as an acceptable way of saying something/someone is beautifull?


I think yes. I saw people using it for every kind of thing, from people till objects, with the meaning of "beautiful", "cool", "fresh" and others.


"is cool" wasn't accepted. Why?


" is cool " now accepted

  • 13 january 2021


Does the ㅅ in 멋 make an 's' sound or a 't' sound? I read on a different thread here that if it comes at the end, it makes a different sound.


It's called batchim. When ㅅ is a batchim, it has a T sound. However, if the next syllable starts with a vowel, it keeps its S sound


It will normally make a 't' sound however in this cause the ㅅ in 멋 is carried over to the next piece which is 있 so it will make the 's' sound so it kind of would mean the ㅇ in 있 would be replaced by the ㅅ and would be read as 멋싰습니다 however would still be written as 멋있습니다. This is how my Korean language teacher taught us.


It depends on the next sillable of the word.


When most consonants are in the third position for a syllable, they are pronounced softer, you should shape your mouth as if to make an S sound but not actually say it. This gives the S the sound of an aspirated T. The consonants which follow this rule (called batchim consonants) are ㄱ, ㅅ, ㅈ, ㅊ and ㄷ. However, if the dext syllable starts with a vowel, the rule is scrapped and the thrid position consonant joins the vowel in the next syllable to be pronounced as normal


This can be either pronounced [머디…] or [머시…]. The former is more “correct.” The latter is most common. And the dictionary indicates both as acceptable. Of course, this is also due to speakers reanalyzing the word as one unit rather than as +있다.

More here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24520049


a thing to remember the difference by I came up for myself: 맛 = delicious. potato mash is delicious 멋 = cool. moshing is cool


So does 맛있습니다 mean Delicious? I know that 멋있습니다 awesome, but im confused about the difference betweeen meot and mat


맛 means taste and 있습니다 (있다) means to exist, that something or someone is there. the korean word 맛있습니다 literally translates to “there is taste“.


"is stylish" wasn't accepted, but that was one of the answer option.


I wrote "to be cool" and it was marked wrong, was I wrong or...?


Duolingo isn't always correct Try koreanclass101.com, they have a lot of free things but I paid for it while it was on sale so now I take Korean classes while I'm at school.


I hovered my mouse over the word because that tells me the translation of the word and it told me that the word meant either "is cool" or "it is cool" and so I put "is cool" and it counted it wrong and told me the answer is "so cool" and here it is saying "it is awesome"??? Can someone explain please?


All i answered was Cool and it counted it as right. I know that it has a verb in there, so why would it just allow cool to be an answer?


why is my answer "it is cool" not accepted thats what it suggests when i hover over the word


same thing i was thinking..


I didn't get the right translation for 멋있습니다!


방탄소년단 멋있다!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


Does this also accept "it is delicious"?


I think you're thinking of 맛 rather than 멋


Ahhhh! Thanks for pointing that out. 고맙습니다!


No, this is not about taste


Can i say 멋있어요?


Yes, you can!

If my studies have served me well enough "멋있어요" would be a less formal way of speaking/writing the same phrase, while "멋있습니다" would be considered more formal; but "멋있어요"/"멋있습니다" should both be acceptable =)

Hope this helps!


I wrote "it is delicious" cause this is correct tho! Wth?!


Ah, you're thinking of "맛있습니다", which definitely looks very similar to "멋있습니다".

But this sentence is using the latter (still trips me sometimes too lol)


I'm literally choosing the correct option and it is grading my answer as wrong. But then, I saw a difference of an exclamation mark, then I was like, "Cool." But then I looked for an option w/ an '!', and guess what? iT wAsN'T eVEn ThERe.


I heard it as 맛있습니다. Again, another mistake.


Ahh im kind of sucky when it comes to pronunciation! My accent kicks in and i get it wrong each time lmao


英語がワカラナイ。さっきはuncoolで否定形にしてたやん...なんでここやったらcoolじゃなくてawesomeになるん? p.s.この例文を考えた人は多分歌手が嫌いwww知らんけど


I want to learn more phrases like this!



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