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  5. "What are the boys like here?"

"What are the boys like here?"

Translation:Jací jsou tady kluci?

September 8, 2017



Didn't accept "Jací jsou kluci tady?" but did accept "Jací jsou tady kluci?" Does word order matter here?


It does. There are several possible word orders depending on what you want to emphasize.

Jací jsou TADY kluci?

Jací KLUCI jsou tady?


Oh - I thought that usually the emphasis is on the last word. But in questions the situation seems to be different. What are the rules for questions?


Usually it is on the last word indeed. But you can stress any other word using the intonation and other features of pronunciation.


I think I would translate as follows. What do you say?
1. Jací jsou tady kluci? = What are the boys like here?
2. Jací kluci jsou tady? = What kind of boys are here?


V otázce je "the boys" proč je špatně překlad: Jací jsou ti kluci tady?


To ti je přece v češtině navíc, normálně tam nepatří. Angličtina člen vyžaduje. ti kluci by bylo those boys


Is a kluk (boy) then somehow subtly different from a chlapec (boy)?


"kluk" is more casual/informal (guy - if young enough, lad), while "chlapec" is more formal/high-register.


And what about 'jaci tady jsou kluci?'


That is possible.


I wrote "Jací jsou tady ti kluci?" - this wasn't accepted. Can someone tell me why not? For "the boys" shouldn't including the definite article be an option? Otherwise, in English you could also say "What are boys like here?" -in which case it would be clear that the definite article is not needed.


The demonstrative "ti" is strange here. Note that "ti" is not an article (Czech does not have articles) but a demonstrative and demonstratives follow different rules. I would understand your sentence as "What are those boys like here?". That is, when it is written. When spoken, we would probably just hear "tadyti"="these" (colloquially) instead.


Is Jací the accusative of Jáký?


It is the masculine animate nominate plural form of jaký.

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