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Is there an ETA for Japanese for English speakers Web version?

Is there an ETA for Japanese for English speakers Web version?

September 8, 2017



The official statement is "by the end of the year".


It's pretty easy to access it now, I honestly don't know why it isn't available has been working fine for me for months and no worse than the mobile apps with regard to issues and errors. Duolingo is quite frustrating in their lack of transparency and information. But I'm just glad that there are hacks that work.


The problem with the web version is that it's based on the phone version, and doesn't support all the same questions that the mobile version does.


What device are you using to access it? The problems I am encountering doing the "practice" exercises with my tablet are:

  • no audio (in my book, that is a biggie - I really like the fact that the app will read me phrases and sentences; I do a lot of listening practice that way)

  • can't access the sentence discussions (even though some people clearly can because there appears to be content there - I just can't get to it)

  • if your tree is completely golden and you do "practice", it'll give you three (!) words or expressions to play with. Mega boring!

  • at this point, the answers that are accepted are very narrow (for example, as I was saying recently, ここの but not この), so you have to have a certain level of frustration tolerance to keep going

So I've been mixing things - using app and website in turn.


Allegedly this year... no further detail than that, sadly! (At least not that I know of)


My guess is that it will be released in the holiday season in december


No, but there are rumors.


Oh Okay! Thanks you guys! Looking forward to it!

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