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Help! I lost my streak and I have a question....

Okay so, can I buy tons of streak freezes once I have enough lingots so if I ever miss a day it automatically saves my streak, or do I have to buy it on that day?

Please help! Thanks!

September 8, 2017



You can only buy one streak freeze at a time, you cannot buy multiple streak freezes and save them up. It would be nice if it worked that way, though. And you do not have to use it the day that you buy it, it does stay in your inventory until you miss a day. It is always good to have a streak freeze purchased in case you accidentally forget to practice one day.


you can't buy multiple streak freezes, although I think quite a few people (including myself) wished it could. you don't have to buy it on the day - I always keep one just in case, but buying one once you have lost your streak does not bring it back.


You can buy a weekend amulet on the Android app.


Instead of using "streak freezes" I suggest to set your coach goal to 1XP in your web settings and do a "timed practice".


what is a timed practice?


(Lingot) Store: PRACTICE
Timed Practice
"See how well you do practicing your skills against the clock in Timed Practice."


You can start a timer on the (full) web portal and earn 1XP per correctly answered question.. Once bought in the store, there will be a new green button when you strengthen skills.


I'm pretty sure that you have to buy them on the day because it doesn't actually regenerate if you lose them on the next day. Also, I have never been able to buy multiple at a time, but they may have changed it but I'm not sure.

I hope you get the streak back! :)


I think you can only buy one streak freeze, use it, before you buy another.


Yeah; no problemo!


I save up my lingots so i can buy heaps of stuff so maybe you can do that. Sometimes you don't need to have streaks .

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