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September 8, 2017



I have no idea what brand this is. Never heard of it before this.


Its areally famous icecream company! Its international butatbe not in your country?


Its a very famous ice cream company


I'm really confused, why is it teaching us this?


Because of you go to Korea and you ask "where is ..." and he answers " it's in front of Baskin Robbins" it good to know how it's pronounced


Petition to remove Baskin-Robbins from the loop please...a few times maybe but there are other things much more helpful


looking up pronunciations, i find Baskin-Robbins written in hangul differently, and pronounced differently as two separate words. Different from Duolingo because 킨 ends in a pause, then 라 starts.

뱃킨 라빈스

That way is most often heard in dictionaries that speak. The Duolingo audio seems to emphasize the 브 (beu) which may be the real problem.

I would be interested to know how Baskin-Robbins officially trains its stores on the pronunciation. The signs use same spelling as Duolingo.


If anyone’s confused;

I’m pretty sure this is how they pronounce “Baskin’ Robbins” in Korean.

If you want to hear it, or you’re a K-pop fanatic, look up EXO’s Baskin’ Robbins commercial. The one I saw depicted Sehun (the group’s ‘maknae’ or ‘youngest member’) posing with aegyo (‘cuteness’). It ends with the band saying “Baskin’ Robbins”.

I’m pretty sure. Don’t be mad if I have any informations wrong or misspellings.


Yes im so confused of pronunciation It's out of my mind


I don't get why 'Starbucks' is pronounced basically the same as it is in English. but Baskin Robbins is pronounced entirely different.


I can't say it right ;-;


I hate having to type these American brands that are irrelevant to my language - spelling of names and brands that are not Korean can vary. Do they sponsor DuoLingo, maybe? That is the only ligical explanation I can come up with. And also having to go back and pick romanisation forms for Korean letter if I want to repair the crowns as once you have learned the 한글/Hanguel/Hangul alphabet the romanisations are a hindrance, not a help.


You are the first one to comment something like that. It must be a sponsor. Its messed up.


How would you pronouce this properly


bae,seu,kin,la,bin,seu but it pronuoce baeskilabinse


Isn't it baeskinrabinse because the ㄹ is at the beginning of the syllable?


ㄹ stands for a sound in between both r and l


I didnt make a mistake there

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