"Punând paltonul în cuier, mama l-a întrebat pe fiul ei dacă și-a făcut temele."

Translation:Putting the coat on the rack, the mother asked her son if he did his homework.

September 8, 2017

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Should this read ' if he had done his homework'


Wondering if others are finding this chapter a huge jump in difficulty? This sentence is rather enormous.


Ehh...I didn't need to do anything, the answer was already filled in.


Nearly all this section is filled in for me, or i have to write it down first otherwise if i start to translate the Romanian disappears while I'm translating the first stanza. Its because I have large print on my mobile phone.


De ce "şi-a făcut", nu doar "a facut"


Why here "mama" is not " my mother" !? If somebody somewhere explain that "mama" is enough to know that this is " my mother "!?

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