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  5. "Where is the cow?"

"Where is the cow?"

Translation:Kde je ta kráva?

September 8, 2017



"kde je kráva" is wrong? I thought "kde je ta kráva" is where is that cow, but it is translated here as the cow


It is possible in very specific cases. For example when people have a single cow in their homestead and they find the place empty, they can ask "Kde je kráva?" and mean "Where is the cow?" so I have added this translation.

It is not applicable in general. Not even where a specific cow has already been discussed, if there are other cows around.


That's helpful information. It would be even more helpful to have it in the notes so that a person could understand it beforehand instead of guessing why things are wrong.


'Ta' means 'the'. It's a feminine article in this case.


I thought Czech had no articles....


That's right, articles are not a word class in Czech but 'the' can be translated into 'ten, ta, to' in Czech, it's used mainly though to explain articles in English. In some situation, you could argue 'ten,ta,to' are used as articles but it's debatable. Also, I forgot to answer to original question, 'Kde je kráva' could be accepted, but 'Kde je ta kráva' as well.


The admins could add the translation without ta as correct

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