"Kila wakati mimi hula"

Translation:I eat every time

September 8, 2017

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Let's translate it - I am eating permanently =D =D =D


Haha, this is a sentence that would only be said with a mouth full of food.


Or "I'm always eating" :) (what a glutton!)


What does this mean? Every time? Which every time???


When food is put in front of you and you are told "if you manage to go 24 hours without eating you'll receive a prize"?

One of the hover hints does suggest "daily", but I'm not sure -- kila siku makes more sense for that. I think it basically means "I always eat" or "I'm always eating" or something.


That only comes up when you hover over kila, which would imply that kila on its own can mean "daily" (which I can't find confirmed anywhere).

Yeah, I mean, there are times when this English sentence could be said, but without further context, it doesn't really make sense and it doesn't tell us at all how "kila wakati" is actually used in Swahili.


Kila wakati should translate to 'all the time'


"I eat all the time" is accepted. I think a lot of the sentences in this section just started making a lot more sense :)


And why can't i put "... each time"? Not that anyone will bother to answer me. 20201110


What about "kila mara".Mara is more used with time like "1 time 2 times"...And what about "muda"?


This sentence doesn't make sense. It woukd be better if it did say "I eat all the time!" 20201023

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