"I would like to buy a gift for my wife."

Translation:Chtěl bych koupit dárek pro svoji manželku.

September 8, 2017

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Chtěl bych koupit své ženě dárek?


Yup. We had 1009 versions of this sentence before I incorporated your suggestion in all versions. Now we have 1729. One little suggestion for a man, one huge step for Duolingo..


And today, we have 1969 versions. And I'm sure some possible solutions are still missing. :-p


Works as well. :)

Chtěl bych koupit své ženě dárek. - emphasis on dárek

Chtěl bych koupit dárek pro svoji manželku. - emphasis on svoji manželku

You usually put the information that you want to stress at the end.

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