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  5. "To město je velké."

"To město je velké."

Translation:That town is big.

September 8, 2017



I'm unsure whether the word "To" can be translated in English as "The" or if it must be "That," but I'm confident that "město" is "city."


The relationship of articles and demonstratives is complicated - Czech doesn't have articles, but sometimes we use demonstratives when we want to emphasize that we speak of a specific one. So, "to" sometimes takes on the role of the definite article and sometimes it is a demonstrative ("that") (and sometimes it's "it", but not here). I think Duolingo should accept both, unless the context is clear.

"Město" can be translated as both "city" and "town". We don't make that distinction because we don't have many big cities. :) There's the also the word "velkoměsto" ("big city"), but it really has to be a big one (out of the Czech ones, only Prague would qualify).


Pff, Duo doesn't accept "The city is huge".


Missing translations are reported using the report button (flag My answer...).

I am not a native English speaker, but for me huge is more than just big or large.


I am native AmE and I agree with VladaFu about the difference between "big/large" and "huge."

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