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Timed practice

I think timed practice is Duo's biggest achievement. It is just like a computer game and I enjoy it really well. What do you think about timed practice?

September 8, 2017


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I like it, however I think it could be better. Some of the topics I sale through although I always struggle on hogar because most of the sentences are long and if I get one wrong I often don't have enough time to answer the second in. I usually get marked down on little things because my typing is not so good and I try to type faster so make typos. I think the length of the sentences should build up so the early ones are shorter allowing you to build up a time buffer rather than going straight in to the longer ones, these should come gradually finishing with the longest ones at the end. There is one short word that they throw in on this one (sofa, sofá) which I have translated seven times today! (once for each of my seven attempts on strengthening this topic I don't think it is helpful having such an easy word repeated so much there should be more variety) this is the only short "sentence" I have come across in hogar most are nine words or longer. Also when it times out it should let you finish your last sentence and give you the correct answer if you get it wrong.


As I still do not get the sound to Some of my questions asking me to write what I hear in Welsh I cannot see how I could use timed practice. At present I have to press result, write down the answer and wait till the end of the lesson where I again see on screen " type what you hear" , not having any sound I write the answer. This happens two(2) to three(3) times each lesson.

  • 1061

Sometimes that happens to me but if I click on repeat I get the sound though it does waste time. To turn off the sound; Click on your user name at the top then on the drop drown click on configuration then click on the no against the speaker. This should stop you getting that type of question. You can always turn it back on again later if you wish.


yes, it's really cool! Though sometimes it's annoying.

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