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  5. "That is it!"

"That is it!"

Translation:To je ono!

September 8, 2017



Why is "To je to" wrong when in another question "Ano, to je to!" is the right answer?


I added it. I don't like it too much and it is not very common, but it appears to be possible.

I suggest to learn "To je ono!" as the right idiom or you risk not being understood (at least by me).


They say it´s wrong but , is it? I know you normally place those "je" in the middle, but "je to ono" is correct as well. At least people do say that in Brno Not sure what you all may thing, please let me know


"Je to ono?" could be said as in "Is that it?" But I've never heard it with the meaning "That is it!" even when talking to people from Moravia.

In Czech, you generally put the known facts at the beginning of the sentence (oversimplifying here!) and THAT is what you'd been talking about before saying this sentence, so to me, it only really makes sense at the beginning.


Actually, it does make sense, just imagine a few extra words before that, for example: "Ale jo... je to ono" - that's quite possible, with a slight stress on the "je", as a response to someone saying "no, that's not it."


can I ask why "je to tak" is not correct as well? I have always heard this expression to say "that's it"


I am not an expert by any means, but "je to tak" sounds (to me) more like "that's how it is" or maybe "that is so." But this is pure speculation on my part! :-)


I must agree with you. I used to have problems with the "tak" (and sometimes I still have) 'cause it has many uses depending on the context. But the diference i've been told is in the use, when they achieve something or when they succesfully did something. Example: when i was moving in, some friends help me move mi forniture and when they put it in a place that they like it, they shouted: "Tak!"

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