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iOS Versus Web Report System


I noticed that when we report an error on the web version, we can specify the kind of error (e.g. the dictionary hints on hover are wrong or missing, and the "correct solution" is unnatural or has an error). However, on the iOS version, we can report only in two ways: to vaguely indicate that there is problem with the exercise, and to suggest our "incorrect" translation as an acceptable one.

It would be extremely useful if we could specify the kind of error on the iOS version too. That way it'd be easier for the developers to figure out why we reported an exercise.

Furthermore, it would be even better if all versions had a text box where we can write a short explanation about why we reported the exercise.




September 8, 2017



The mobile version is pretty lame. I hope that one day I can code a solution.


I like your profile pic! (do you like attack on titan?)

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