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  5. "커피 파티"

"커피 파티"

Translation:Coffee party

September 8, 2017



Sounds like a damn fine party. Who's bringing the cherry pie?


Cherry pie coming right up, Agent Cooper!


This is the season for pumpkin pie. Maybe that will also go with a pumpkin spice latte.


What year is this?


퇜디엗틴 Hopefully I didn't botch that too badly.


When saying the year in Korean, you use numbers instead of trying to sound out the English letters. So, 2018 would be 이천십팔 년. (ee-cheon-ship-pal nyeon). Literally two thousand--eighteen--year. The number systems, and vocabulary for calendars, are taught at a different point in the course.


I can bring the chocolate cake


커피 파티, 대박!


With what we learned so far, 스타벅스 커피 아이스크림 파티 is even better!


One coffee ice cream float please.


What the f-? What is that? Whats the romanization and what does it say :D


seu-ta-beok-seu keo-pi a-i-seu-keu-rim pa-ti
Starbucks coffee ice cream party


"Hapsida!" Which means "Let's do it!" (I'm using two apps to learn Korean, and this phrase must be from the other one, haha. Didn't mean to confuse you. :) )


Memrise right?


I'm using memerise too


Is the other app memrise?


It would actually be 스타벅스 커피하고 아이스크림 파티. 하고 is and when connecting two things however if you using and to connected two sentences is it 그리고. I didnt mean to be rude or anything like that, just thought id let you know


Except the coffee isn’t separate from the ice cream; this party has ice cream made with real Starbucks™ coffee!


That would be coffee and ice cream. The poster wanted to say a coffee-flavoured ice cream, so they are correct.


Yeah it could looks like Starbucks coffie-icecream party

[deactivated user]

    Now THAT sounds like a plan!:)


    This is something Jaehee Kang would do


    Yep let's do coffee party for Jaehee Baehee!!


    What happened to those good old tea parties??? Ya know when you where like 5 and you said to ur mom or dad, "(Mommy or Daddy), so you want some coffee?" But now we're all up on that caffiene, so the society was like, "Why don't we make a rip-off for aDUltS?". So here we are today, in an app that helps you learn another language, and the society came up to Duo and said,"In Duolingo, add in Coffee Party. Or else..." So Duo told the "app makers" to add it in because he didn't want to know what "or else was". Imma guess that's the story. Btw, who is learning korean because of K-Pop? (Bts specifically). I am. Ok bye now.


    I'm learning because of bts mostly but also because I don't feel like always reading subtitles on k-drama's


    Thats why im learning if my profile pic is any indication. Also anyone notice how they never teach you basic greetings first. Instead they teach you sweets and fast food. Lmao

    [deactivated user]

      Take me to this party.


      First an ice cream party and now a coffee? Man does duolingo have many sweets for us.


      I was about to write coffin something's wrong with me


      Is a "coffee party" just a practice phrase from Duolingo or is this a real thing in Korea? I wonder also because it's been in the news recently, banning coffee from schools in Korea.


      아 그 문장 때문에 지금 커피를 마시고 싶네요.. ㅠㅠ


      What??? Whats a coffee party? That makez zero sense!


      It's when we dress up like Indians and throw all the coffee beans into the Boston Harbor.


      Is it just me, or is the audio off? I just started, having some little experience with Korean, and the vowels' pronunciation is very inconsistent, which, to my meager experience should not be the case. It sounds like "Koppi Petti"


      Can someone tell me why is it not 팔티 for party?


      There are so many words like this that could be spelled better. I assume it's because the first people who sat down together to transliterate English into Korean couldn't understand each other very well. Or in this particular case, the English speaker was probably British.


      Alright everybody, car keys in the basket. This place is gonna get crazy tonight!


      je ne comprends pas party c'est aussi comme ca en coréen ou c'est encore une marque débile ?


      vs savez que le français emprunte aussi bcp de mots des autres langues dont l'anglais. il ne donc pas si surprenant de voir des mots anglicisés entrer ds leur vocabulaire moderne, compte tenu de l'histoire commune de la Corée et des États-Unis, de même que la présence militaire américaine encore à ce jour en sol coréen. mais cet emprunt ne signifie pas pour autant qu'il n'existe pas d'autres termes pour décrire le même concept. je ne m'aventurai cependant pas davantage le sujet.


      why did the games voice turn male all of the sudden?

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