"We played and jumped"

Translation:Tukacheza na tukaruka

September 8, 2017



I believe that when using the "-KA-" tense as the Past Narrative, the word "NA" (=and) is never expressed: this concept is already contained within the tense marker "-KA-", i.e. "tukaruka" = and we jumped. Also: the Past Narrative is often preceded in speech by a first verb in the Simple Past, be it affirmative or negative.

September 8, 2017


I have seen quite a few examples with na + -ka-, but I can't judge how good or elegant that is as Swahili ... but you're right. It's not necessary.

And yeah, the first one should probably have -li--

September 8, 2017


So the correct translation here would be Tulicheza tukaruka?

July 6, 2018


That's what I put. Would love to know if it's right!

March 25, 2019


When stringing 2 verbs together like this, sometimes Duolingo has the first verb using -li- and sometimes they have it using -ka-. Either way, the other is not accepted. Is there a difference, or is either one actually ok?

June 20, 2019
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