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"What do you think about her arms?"

Translation:Co si myslíš o jejích rukou?

September 8, 2017



Hand = Ruka Arm = Paže ?


paže is a very formal word. Used when describing anatomy or in poems ms and historical prose. Not in normal life. Zlomit si ruku means to break one's arm for ordinary people. Even doctors will use it this way unless they are writing an official book or an article.


S tím nesouhlasím, slovo paže se v češtině normálně používá. A proto by měla být přijímána i věta Co si myslíš o jejích pažích


=> tlačítko

This discussion does NOT serve as a place to report missing translations. If the original comment meant to do that, it was issued at the wrong place and is very unclear at the same time.

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