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"Hast du irgendwo mein Kleid gesehen?"

Translation:Did you see my dress somewhere?

September 8, 2017



"Anywhere" should also be acceptable here.


Have you seen my dress anywhere is what English people actually say, come on.


When looking for the dress we use "anywhere" in Australian English and probably English English too.

"Have you seen my dress somewhere?" could imply that you saw the identical dress in a shop somewhere else, so creates unnecessary ambiguity.


The English tense is wrong! Have you seen my dress somewhere, is present perfect and correct here (looking to put dress on or in wash). Did you see, is a simple past question


Yes but 'Have you seen my dress somewhere' was accepted. 'ANYWHERE ' was marked wrong.

Yet, I too want to know why they accept the perfect present and the simple past. Is it context?


I agree. In the context of this sentence both 'somewhere' and 'anywhere' means exactly the same thing.


German often uses the present perfect for the past.


I also have to speak up for the use of "anywhere". It's standard use in the USA too.


Have you seen my dress anywhere? Comeon bitches, richtig


Anywhere is more common in English


"Somewhere" is not used in questions unless they are rhetorical or an offer. This should really be "anywhere".


The word "some" and all its related words is used in positive sentences and in polite requests and offers. The word "any" and all its related words is used in negative sentences and general questions. The word "anywhere" should be used here.

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