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Show alternative correct translations button

All correct answers: Recently, Czech course finally went into beta and as I have dug into it, I realized that upon being from on an exercise, it would be nice to be able to click on a button to show all the correct solutions. The thing with Czech language is that there are many ways to say one thing and I think that it could be a good idea to implement this.

Also, the ability to quickly suggest another correct solution to the list without having to fail the task.


September 8, 2017



I understand that having a perfectly good answer rejected is irritating. But that is what beta is about. The alternative is to wait until the course graduates (from beta).

Also, the ability to quickly suggest another correct solution to the list without having to fail the task.

I would say your suggestion has no chance of ever being implemented. The button would obviously be similar to "Skip" in that you would give up on answering the given exercise, or it would have to be shown only after you gave your answer, right or wrong. The feature to display all correct translations (to the contributors) exists in the Incubator, for a different reason, which may partly explain my pessimism regarding its chances of being offered to users.

For example, I believe you reported a missing translation for Where did you see the face with four eyes? recently. It is in a late skill, and we are only now entering alternative translations in that part of the tree. When you sent the report, only one translation was recognized as correct. After I spent some time on the exercise, it accepts 1712 translations. Those are managed in something called the "compact form", in this case on 14 lines of something like:

Kde[/pak][s/s ty/ tys/ ty jsi/ jsi/ jsi ty] viděl[/a/o] [ten obličej/obličej/tu tvář/tvář] [se/s] čtyřma očima?

Only after we press the "Show all" button does it all expand into the (numbered) individual translations in a separate window.

The other challenge is that you would probably have to rely on sentence discussions to suggest additional translations (or, inevitably, suggest removing translations, even if other users suggested them). Sentence discussions are already being misused for reporting, and the proposed feature would further aggravate the situation. Proper reporting by users is important. It is integrated in the Incubator infrastructure and provides numerical feedback on the current user experience. We have charts and criteria for going mobile and graduating from beta. Further diverting the contributors' attention to sentence discussions would IMO actually slow down the progress in beta. (This is why I personally pay minimal attention to sentence discussions for now.)

Finally, for the feature you suggested to work, it would need to rely on well-informed users with time to spare. Such people may be more useful inside the Incubator.


Hi @nueby,

thank you for taking your time as an Incubator contributor and course creator explaining a little bit how Duolingo works in the background.


Huh. That would be cool. Though I imagine it may be confusing for some people who don't understand that.


That is not really beta or Czech course related:
You could include "Show alternative correct translations button" directly in the subject, so we know what to search for and what to click on in the search results.


Edited, thanks for the input, I am new to this.


I haven't used Duolingo in a year. I tried to take the Czech placement test and it started driving me insane because I know too many synonyms and keep writing the wrong one. Is that what you mean? Sentences with synonyms? Another thing that's getting me is gender. How am I supposed to know "they" is supposed to be masculine animate!? I just want to test high enough so I can start learning new vocabulary or translate if that's an option with Czech. I've had fun with it in Spanish :)


That is why, yes. The thing with Czech is that there are a lot of ways to say one thing and by implementing this, it could help with that. I am born Czech and I get so many things wrong because of possibly the regional dialect that I use and it's quite annoying.


This thread about the same subject has already 119 up-votes (created two weeks ago):

"PLEASE BRING BACK ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27995294

They are talking in this thread about the one visible final solution from the "sentence discussion", which Duolingo showed shortly in 2017.

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