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  5. "malý dům"

"malý dům"

Translation:little house

September 8, 2017



Hello! What is the difference between "u" and "ů" in the pronunciation? Please I have the feeling that there is no difference but i'm not sure, thank you for your help :)


It's longer than "u": Ů = Ú

The difference between those two is nowadays simply a matter of orthography. Ú is used at the beginning of a word/word stem, ů anywhere else.

And as for why we have two letters for the same sound: "ů" evolved over time from the former diphthong "uo": dóm > duom > dům. A heritage from the 14-15th centuries, so to speak.


Many thanks ! :) Greetings from France


Can this also mean "small home"? It wasn't accepted, but I have often heard "dům" used as "home", I believe.


I am afraid not in this case. dům (m) = house, domov (m) = home


As someone commented elsewhere, the l is hardly pronounced. Is it an audio fault, a special accent, or something else? It sounds almost like an r here.


It's an audio fault. Look at this link for better audio version https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4e/Cs-mal%C3%BD.ogg

[deactivated user]

    malý dům - domček :)


    domeček, domček is Slovak

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