Typing Tricks... How do you do Them?

I mean, you know how people can highlight their sentences, or make it bold or have the gray stick thingy next to their posts, well how do you do those? If anyone could tell me, that would be great.

Signed By, A DuoLingo user who's still learning

Thank you!

September 8, 2017


Google "duolingo formatting". The first link that shows up should be able to tell you how to do these things. And here it is:

September 8, 2017

Oh my gosh!! Thank you SOOOO much!

September 8, 2017

Here, take some lingots.

September 8, 2017

xD You guys just cracked me up. Thanks for that. :P

September 8, 2017



What up bruh?

  • Hey guys!!!!!

Hello darkness my old friend

I've come to talk with you again
September 9, 2017

You're happy because you learned typing tricks? o.O

September 9, 2017
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