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"Does a fish have a belly?"

Translation:Heeft een vis een buik?

1 year ago


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Oh, I don't get this: when is it "buik", and when is it "maag"? The last two questions, I put "buik", and was marked wrong because it should have been "maag". Get to this one, think: "Right, I've learnt my lesson this time", and get marked wrong for putting "maag" when it should have been "buik". :(

Something must determine which it is. Why is it "maag" if it's a cow (or a person, if you're complaining it's empty), yet "buik", if it's a fish (or a person, if you're saying it hurts)?

8 months ago

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No, not really. "Maag" means "stomach", as in: the organ (so it never means "belly"). "Buik" is the belly/stomach area: your abdomen.

8 months ago