Guys, I love the Czech language that they have made! Feel free to post any Czech stuff here! Dekuji!

September 8, 2017


I've found that Ukrainian helps so much with Czech it's sick! Has anyone else done the Russian, Ukrainian or Polish trees, and have you found that it helps?

They're all, if not Slavic, associated in some way with each other.

I have done the Russian tree, but the Cyrillic is so hard. I kinda want to do this with no help with other languages because... well I don't know.

Pomale a hezky, učíme se česky!

Czech is like Polish and i love it!!

It's not really "like"polish. Words in their written form might be similar but sounds and pronunciation are different.

It is easy to learn, because all of the eastern-central European languages come from the same place. Dekuji!

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