"Ice cream party"

Translation:아이스크림 파티

September 8, 2017

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Any reason why the first syllable in Ice is split up like 아이? Why wouldn't it just be 애?


that would make ''Ae-screme.'' The sound it makes now is ''ai'', as is also heard in the word child.


split up, it sounds like ah-ee scream. Say ah-ee quicklay and it sounds like the Italian "ai," which is the same noise us english speakers make when saying ice. 애 would sound like we are saying eh-scream.


I recommend that is better you learn all the rules of alphabet and after use this app bc sometimes is so confused


아이스크림 파티 하는 거 너무 좋아! ♡


저도 아이스크림 파티 좋아요


저도 아이스크림 파티 좋아 !(✿❛◡❛)


Are there no Korean words for ice cream, party, apartments that they use English versions with a differance of pronounciations? I get that English- espesially American version- has infiltraited a lot of languages but they still each have there own names for things...


I think there's no korean words for that, but in north korea they have their own words


I don't know what your native language is, but surely there are loan words from English and possibly other languages that you could easily use native words for?


Yes we have loan words but mostly from more than 50 years ago (actually new words were invented in the 1800's when people decided to use it on a dayly basis...and more since)- some because they were modern words of modern things and my language is anciant and didn't have them and they did not invent our own new ones fast enough in some cases...- like internet and such. also lots of them are profesional, academics terms- mostly from "latin" languages. of course we use other English words but it's more like slang mix that came with the Internet and T.V. being of more influance than before


Hello, guys!! How are you? Someone can ,please, tell me some diferences between : ->얼음을(ice) ->얼음(ice) ->얼음은(ice) P.s: sorry for any english errors!



here you are mate, there are different ways as they each have different meanings I am assuming


I am using Google Chrome. whenever I type something wrong the page hangs on "grading" and I have to refresh the page. This test will take me forever at this rate! Please fix thanks.


You should use the report button, it's made for that, not sure at all they'll read all the comments here.


It sounds like English. That makes it easy to remember I guess.


Qu’est qu’un typo ?


It means typographical error. The program assumes you knew the right word but just typed it wrong. When I'm in a hurry, I sometimes type "hte" instead of "the." Of course I know how to spell "the."


I get why it's not "빠티" cuz it would be like "patty/patti", but why not "파띠" instead of "파티" tho?


Do Koreans shorten 아이스크림 to anything? In Japanese "aisu kuri-mu アイスクリーム" is just called "aisu"


Are bhsi please mari id me topup kardo please kardo sarh Wo id hai uake avtar new elte paas ka hai marko free mila tha please kardo topup


Ice scream not ice cream!

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