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How do you remove someone from your leaderboard?

I've tried to remove someone from my leaderboard, but I don't know how. Is it even possible? If it is, how can you do it?

September 8, 2017



Only the people you follow on Duolingo show up on your leaderboard, so you can just unfollow them :)


Ok. Thanks. I guess I should have trued that--it's kinda silly that I didn't think of that! Thanks so much for giving me that bit of advice. I really appreciate it. ;)


I blocked a couple and they continue to show up - how to fix that glitch?


I wish this was still true, that the only people in the leaderboard are people you follow. Now, they are random people you've never met that may not even be learning the same language you are.


unfollow or remove from club


Thanks! I'm glad your so willing to help. There's still a bunch of things that I haven't figured out about duo lingo yet, and I'm glad that people are willing to help me figure them out!


Go to trouble shooting. several posts there.

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