"dobrá holka"

Translation:good girl

September 8, 2017

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A bit of WARNING though, holka may be slightly pejorative in some contexts. As girls we would address our group as holky (in plural) and it is fine to refer of a friend as dobra holka or even better a hodna holka (nice, sympathetic and helpful girlfrieng) but to refer to a child of someone as holka might sound slightly harsh. Not to mention that lehka holka, "a light girl" is a prostitute.


So what word would you use for girl? Later on, on Duolingo, they use děvče, which is harder to decline so I would prefer to stick to holka or dívka! And in English, 'good girl' to me sounds like a well-behaved little girl.


Can dobrá also mean "kind"?


No. dobrá = good, well, all right

kind = hodná, milá


In a very strict way, yes, but for example, if you would be a czech parent and you would talk with your son about his girlfriend that you find kind and nice (for him), you would say "she is good girl" == "je to dobrá holka"... you get it. Everyone would get what you are trying to express. :)


is there a difference between holka and dívka, or between kluk and chlapec? In previous self-taught studies, I had seen the latter options, rather than the former.


'Holka' and 'kluk' are informal.


My Czech friend says nooobody says this. Someone would say "hodná holka"


"Dobrá holka" and "hodná holka" does not mean the same in Czech. This exercise translates "a good girl - dobrá holka".

For example: You have a good girl(friend). Máš dobrou holku (přítelkyni). She sports with you every Saturday. Ona s tebou sportuje každou sobotu.


But what's the difference with "hodná", as English is not my language, if you could give some examples; Díky

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