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  5. "Je to jiné slovo."

"Je to jiné slovo."

Translation:It is a different word.

September 8, 2017



I don't understand the function of "to" in this sentence. Would "Je jiné slovo" be a valid sentence with the meaning "it is a different word" as well?


"to" here means IT. In this particular sentence you cannot skip the pronoun.


Thanks for the clarification! Would "Ono je to jiné slovo" be acceptable as well?


Yes. That is possible.


Is "To je jiné slovo" also okay? Is it unnatural? When is natural to say "to je..." and "Je to..."?


"to je/je to" are 99.9% interchangeable.


Could someone explain the difference between using 'to' and 'ono' for it?


I can't explain all the details here. The important point here is that this is the "to je"/je to" or "to jsou/jsou to" pattern. Here you always have TO and it stands for "it/this/that" or "these/those".

If you refer to some entity "it" that you have been speaking already you can use "Zkusil jsem si to triko, ale ono je malé." "I tried the t-shirt, but it is small." You can't use * ", ale to je malé.", it must be "ono" or nothing (", ale je malé."). Ypu can use "ono triko", but "to triko" is much more common.


This is confusing, " To je jine slovo" would be more natural


Why would it be? Please read the rest of the discussion.

And don't forget, the Czech sentence is always the original, the English one is its translation. Especially when this task even asks you to translate to English.


For "jiné" I used the word "another" insted of "different" and got an error.


"Another" os accepted. Pleas always report the complete sentence. A single word is very often useless.

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