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  5. "Je to vlk!"

"Je to vlk!"

Translation:It is a wolf!

September 8, 2017



Little known fact: wolves actually howl as a way of offering suggestions for extra letters in the word 'vlk'...


I'm fluent in Polish were wolf is wilk (similar pronunciation, with that i in there) and the Czech spelling is bothering me so much.


Classic example in Indo-European linguistics textbooks. The 'l' is vocalic, as is the 'r' in the Indic word वृक (vrk), where 'l' has gotten corrupted.


I thought "to" was supposed to be more definite than, you know, indefinite. Why is this "a wolf"? Or...does "to" mean "it" in "It's a wolf!" Confused.


Yes. TO in this sentence is IT. Since wolf is masculine, if you wanted to say "it is THE/THAT wolf' you would have to say "To je TEN vlk".


Thank you! I think it was the demonstratives that scared me away from Polish (they weren't a problem when I took Russian in college...). I'm going to conquer the Czech ones, though!


Omg where to put stress when there are no vowels in the word xD


"l" acts as a vowel. "r" can do it too.


A bit off topic, would you hear "To je vlk" more often than "Je to vlk"? I speak another Slavic language and the first one sounds a bit more natural to me. Thanks in advance


Both are completely fine. It depends on the context somewhat. "Je to vlk!" is much better if we were discussing what it might be.

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