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How I learned German up to a B2 level & my plans to obtain a C2 in German in the future

Hey everyone,

This is a topic on how I learned German up to an intermediate level. I will be talking about how I learned German (step by step) and how other people around the world can follow my methods on learning any language like German. I want to show the world how I have learned German and what I have done to learn this language successfully up to an intermediate level. First of all, I learned this language a while ago - but I still remember what I have done when I was learning German.

FALL 2015 - WINTER 2016


This was the time when I was beginning my language learning journey towards learning the German language. I used a website called Duolingo. By the way, this website is completely free. You can search this up on google and click on the 1st link, on this web site, you can learn a variety of languages. Also, you need to create an account to learn the language you desire (German) I used this website for a couple of months, and when time passed. On February 3rd, 2016, I reached the highest level that you can obtain in Duolingo (Level 25) and all of my skill slots in the tree were golden. Then, I wrote all of the vocabulary words from the "words" tab on a notebook. I studied the vocabulary words by heart and when time passed. I acquired a decent German vocabulary.

WINTER 2016 - SPRING 2016


Afterwards I have used Duolingo, I have used the Pimsleur method. Pimsleur offers a variety of languages that can be learned. Pimsleur is not free, however I highly recommend this to those who want to grasp the essentials and the core of their target language. I used Pimsleur and I have completed German Pimsleur levels I, II,III and Plus on March 22nd, 2016. I gained confidence in speaking German and I became comfortable speaking this language.


Afterwards I finished with Pimsleur, I decided to watch German movies with German subtitles because I wanted to improve my German vocabulary. I watched movies especially about WWII because in my opinion, these movies are the best when learning the German language. I watched German movies such as Generation War, Stalingrad and Der Untergang. I wrote the unknown German words on a notebook, and afterwords, I studied them.


After I watched some German movies, I decided to do some reading in German. Hence, I downloaded some German ebooks for free that you can find on the internet. Also, I went on the internet to read some articles in German on websites such as "Die Zeit". All that I have done, is that I grabbed a notebook and I started highlighting or underlining all the German words that were unknown to me. Then, I studied the German words by heart and my vocabulary gradually increased over time.


When I finished with some German reading, I decided that I will listen to some German audiobooks. I simply wanted to improve my pronunciation in German. I highly recommend audiobooks for people who desire to improve their pronunciation in their target language. I got the German audiobooks for free on the internet.

May 2016 - Present

I understood that my German has gotten up to a pretty good level. And that I was ready to have a chat with someone in German from Germany. I found a native German speaker on italki, and to this day, I practice with him every week or two the German language. I must say, that he was thrilled of my German and he said that the maximum level that I have achieved is a B2 level. In my opinion, that is a pretty good achievement for those who have been learning a language for just months, not years !

However, I do not want to have a B2 level in German for all eternity. That being said, I have bought an Assimil German Perfectionnement (improvement) Product. If you do not know what Assimil is, then just type in Google "Assimil" and you will find out more about this product. It is a French-German language pack, but I understand French well. As soon as I finish this Assimil language pack, I will obtain a C1 level in German. Unfortunately, there isn't any Assimil C2 German language packs.

I also want to add that soon, I will be going to a German school in Montreal. And, I hope that I will be immersed in a German environment and that I will gradually (in time) obtain a C2 level in German (I know that sounds hard or unlikely to happen, but that is my greatest wish). I will continue watching German TV and reading German ebooks or books. In other words, I will continue immersing myself in the German language, so that I will have higher chances in achieving a C2 level in German.

I also registered on a website called LingQ, this website was created by Steve Kaufmann, he is a polyglot and knows 16 languages. This website lets you read (in your target language) an article, news or any other text formats in the language that you desire to learn. In my case, I will read texts in German and I will study the unknown words that I don't know into my long term memory. LingQ is a paid website, but it is extremely useful (in my opinion).

I hope I will emerge victorious.

To end this topic, I simply would like to say to everyone that, learning any language in the world is possible. You just have to have the time, motivation, perseverance, patience and the determination. If you have these qualities, then you are unstoppable.

September 8, 2017



You could also try Clozemaster for vocab. The words are grouped by frequency i.e. more advanced would be in the 10,000-20,000 range


Congrats!!! Gut gemacht.


It is always encouraging to read these kind of stories!


Super :) Es ist schön zu lesen, dass du Spaß an der deutschen Sprache hast :) Respekt für deine Motivation


Thanks for sharing your story! you are a pretty fast learner! all the best.


Congratulations !!! Your story is really encouraging.


Congratulations, this gives me a boost!

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