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How do you maintain a long streak?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any tips for maintaining a long streak? I see some of you have 3-digit long streaks and that's so impressive! Are you doing Duolingo everyday or spending your points on streak freezes often? What do you do when you're going on vacation or get sick? Do you schedule a time everyday to do Duolingo and don't let anyone stand in your way? Maybe you do Duolingo on the toilet? I don't know, it's a legitimate strategy, no judgement!

Thanks in advance for your advice!

September 8, 2017



It comes down to discipline. I do two lessons in the morning as part of my morning routine, thus securing the streak, and other lessons during the day or after work. I do have a streak freeze activated, but so far I haven't used it. My travel plans usually include access to the internet or mobile networks, and thus I have been able to continue my streak both in remote areas of Iceland and on many city and day trips.


The hardest part of maintaining a long streak for me is avoiding burnout. Keeping a low goal (mine is 1xp) helps, as well as juggling multiple courses so that you can try something new when another begins to wear on you. I don't really keep a regular practice schedule, but I've heard of others using toilet time also (doodoolingo'ing?) and it seems to work well for some people. Be careful about using bedtime as your Duolingo time, as late nights can make it easy to miss the midnight deadline.

And of course, the streak freeze is a huge lifesaver for days you just plain forget or can't get online due to circumstances outside of your control. I haven't used many, but I do make sure I always have one active just in case.


You just have to keep up with it. Just go on duolingo everyday and get all of your XP. I have mine set to 50XP. to maintain a streak, i have to get 50XP everyday.

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Hi Dayna,

  • I keep my streak easily: Do minimum 1 lesson after getting up in the morning on laptop.

  • During vacation the WiFi was never a barrier so I could use Duo on my phone.

  • Streak Freeze is a useful tool, although I've never used it.

  • (Having trouble with WiFi abroad, my brother could be an option to login at home. :) )

Have a great journey to achieve thousands of days as a streak,



I do one lesson on DL every morning during the coffee. In a time it becomes a habit like to brush the teeth. During the day i can always find five minutes to make one more lesson. I still don't know how the streak freeze works. During vacations or sickness i do more. Just make DL a part of your day. You don't need to find an hour to study, just five minutes in the morning, five in the afternoon and five in the evening. Good luck!

[deactivated user]

    I am wondering about that too, I can hardly do a 5 day streak!


    My streak isn't as long as some other people's, but it is 3 digits long and the longest I've gotten yet (I once got a 90 day streak I lost and some short streaks).

    It helps to set the goal quite low. Sometimes I set it to only 1 XP, now it's at 10 XP a day. Sometimes I do more, even way, way more at times, but sometimes that's really all I do.

    When I'm busy I'm just doing a strengthening exercise on the app. It's short and the app exercises aren't that difficult, just tapping on word pairs or rearranging words to sentences. But it is something and I like my streak, because it motivates me to keep going.

    I have set the app to remind me at 6 PM and don't close the notification until I've done an exercise, even if I'm doing it just before bed. It's still there to remind my forgetful ADHD brain to just do it already. ;)

    And just in case I always have a streak freeze activated to cover the busier times, when I forget or I'm just too lazy and kept putting it off until it's after midnight or simple connectivity issues. But the routine works most of the time and I don't use it often. Maybe three times during the 121 day streak?


    I keep a similar routine, just like brushing your teeth.

    I've changed strategies and goals several times so that it suits my needs.

    The streak is what keeps me going, however superficial that may sound. it reminds me of my ability to be constant, which is not actually my strong point.

    Once I managed to achieve a 7 day streak, I have not being able to stop...

    Good luck!


    I don't think it sounds superficial at all! It sounds like a good bonus on top of learning a language to me


    For me it is a habit, I do it every morning. I have never used a freeze. Just do a little every morning and later on you can do more if you have time. I am very motivated to learn German so that helps too.


    I find that doing a DL practice on the app takes just about the optimal time for a cup of tea to brew, so if you drink a lot of tea, you might like to try combining it with DL.
    I should point out, however, that the website is generally far superior to the app.


    Agree with all the comments so far! I takes discipline and you have to want to do it. I always get on the computer from 3:00 to 4:00. I don't do Duolingo the whole time or even half but that's the time I get on to do a little practice and to maintain my streak. I have never used the streak freeze before but yet to see it work! Good luck and keep at it!♥♥♥


    Wondering this too! I used 3-4 of the these streak-freezers already ^^; I've got no discipline ;(


    Use the phone app when necessary. Use streak frezes. Don't take vacations in wilderness areas.


    I have mine set for 20XP. I try to do my 2 lessons after btrakfast and if I have time I do more later. Right now, I have a 170+ streak. I've actually been studying for 500+ days but missed 10XP so lost my streak. I was disappointed but the streak isn't important enough to me to worry about having a streak freeze. I'm much more motivated by seeing my fluency percentage improve.


    Buy the streak freeze and timed practice. Set your daily goal to 1. On the days you do not have a lot oftime, do abtimed practice. One xp and you're set for the day. This will not keep your tree golden, but it keeps your streak. I rarely need my streak freeze, but then the places I travel to have wifi.


    I try to do a few lessons in the morning, a few around supper time, and a few more just before I go to bed at night. I also do them any time I can squeeze them in during the day --- when I am on hold on the phone, waiting for water to boil, or waiting for the train.

    I used a streak freeze once last September, when I was on a cruise in Alaska and had no cellular or Wifi connection. I also used a freeze once in Venice this spring when I simply forgot. Of course, I was speaking Italian the whole time I was in Venice, and so I didn't feel particularly guilty about skipping a day of Duolingo.


    I study four languages :

    • one very difficult and new to me (hungarian)
    • one very easy (esperanto)
    • two I already know but that I want to review or strengthen (english, spanish)

    Firstly, you have to know that the XP are added in the same total whatever language you work on.

    My goal is 30 XP daily (hungarian) and do more than 50 most of the time. I use the app immediately when I wake up in the morning and the website immediately when I come back from work in the evening. But when I am a bit tired or fed up with the hungarian difficulties, I give me a break by doing my homework on another easier language where it takes me only 10 minutes to reach my daily goal.


    Buy the streak freeze and timed practice. Set your daily goal low as you can. Every morning, EVERY MORNING just complete your goal, then do more as the day continues. Try not to wait till bed time or 'later' , this is a great way to lose a streak. Once you get the timed practice, you can really rake in your XPs. BUY STREAK FREEZE/BUY TIME PRACTICE/ALWAYS COMPLETE DAILY GOAL IN THE MORNING.


    I'm just lucky to be creature of habit. I have goal set to one xp and make sure I do at least one lesson everyday. If I don't feel very well, or am feeling a bit burned out, I will go back and practice an easy lesson from the begining of the course.

    I have used streak freezes in the past, but they are pretty risky. That's how I lost my almost one year streak before, sometimes they don't register. Good luck!

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