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  5. "The big one is not bad!"

"The big one is not bad!"

Translation:Ta velká není špatná!

September 8, 2017



Should "Ten velký není spatný" be accepted too ? I imagine "ten" could refer to a machine (ten stroj), a coat (ten kabát), a horse (ten kůn) ...


It is supposed to be accepted.


I entered in "ten velký není špatné" and it did not accept it. I have reported this one.


Ten velký needs špatný. You must keep the gender (here masculine).


With 'velká' And 'špatná', i thought the -á indicates the subject is femanine.

So i am confused with the use of 'není' which i thought was neuter.

Can anyone point out why my understanding is incorrect?


Verbs in their basic forms (not participles) do not have any gender. So it does not matter what the gender of the subject is.


Proč ne :Ten velky neni zlý?


Where is "one" in this sentence?


There is not. Though I believe that 'the big is not bad' is less common in English than 'the big one is not bad'. Czech has no equivalent for 'one' (in math it does obviously) so we do, or rather should, accept both with and without 'one'.


It looks to me like the gender in the sentence (velká and špatná) would in real life give the sentence context. It accepted my answer of "to velké není špatné" too. German does a similar thing of using gender in demonstrative pronouns to make it obvious what you're talking about, without using the need for the english "one" pronoun.

Example: I'm telling my friend his cake is good, (a masculine object in German)

"Der ist ganz gut. Wie hast du den gemacht?" (The -- is quite good. How did you make him?)

¯_(ツ)_/¯ This sort of stuff helps me anyway!


I also used "ten velký není zlý" but it was not accepted. "Bad" could be translated as "zlý"


Well, less commonly, Czech is not Slovak where zlý is the primary word for "bad".

The primary meaning of zlý is evil or wicked.

I remember we did accept it in some other sentences and it could be covered by meaning 3. in SSČ https://prirucka.ujc.cas.cz/?id=zl%C3%BD_1

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