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Blogs about learning French?

I was wondering if you know personal blogs about people learning French. I found it hard to find one, so I recently started one myself: https://dutchielearnsfrench.wordpress.com/. However, I would love to hear other people's experiences.

September 8, 2017



That is awesome! I should start watching videos in french as well, thanks for the eye opener!


You're welcome, thank you for your reaction!


I love your blog! It's very helpful, I'm going to checkout La Petite Princesse right now. Also, I love Stromae :D


Thank you so much, I'm glad that my blog is helpful!


Awesome, I know of a few, but can't quite remember much. You can try finding in the tags of language learning and french language learning on wordpress, and langblr on tumblr- there are lots there!


Thank you for the tips, I will try that!


Well, there is is tomcrewther on Youtube. I watched only 2 of his French-related videos, so I haven't totally checked out his channel.


Interesting, thank you!

[deactivated user]

    Your blog is great! I'm also having a hard time trying to find a good blog about French. They are mostly written by French teachers or polyglots reviewing a specific site/app, not 'journaling' about their learning experience.

    If you search on YouTube though, there's Aurella. She has more than 70 videos about learning French (and it's still updated).


    Wow, so many videos indeed! Thank you for the tip!

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