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No sound in the PC or mobile version but asking me to type what I hear

Neither my web or mobile version is working correctly today. It will tell me to type what I hear but there is no sound. It is not my devices as I get sound from everything else. I've already finished my tree, and I'm well aware that lots of the Irish course has no sound. This is something that is only happening now. Anyone else?

September 8, 2017



3 or 4 other people have reported the same thing since yesterday it appears that Duolingo has made some changes that don't take account of the fact that Irish doesn't have audio for every single sentence.

Please take a screenshot and submit a bug report:

Here are some of the other posts reporting the same problem:


I just encountered this problem. When I got the screen that showed that it was expecting me to enter "Labhraíonn mo chara Gaeilge, Béarla agus Polainnis" , I took a screenshot, and verified that the discussion for that sentence (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14084294) doesn't have any audio. Then I submitted a bug report that include a description of the problem, and the screenshot. I encourage everyone else to submit a bug report too.

I also posted the contents of my bug report to the Troubleshooting forum, to raise awareness of the issue, as it does not affect courses like French and Spanish that use a Text to Speech engine.



It is actually happening to me too.


YES THIS HAPPENED 2 ME 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No, my sound is good for the most part.

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I'm having the same problem since a few days ago, and I reported it as a bug too.


Yes, me since yesterday. I'll file a bug report next time it happens now we've been give the link (see below) - the usual tick box system doesn't cover the problem.


I still have this. Do you? I filed a report the other day. It's only on the ones that say to type what you hear :)


Yes, I've still got the problem, just on the 'type what you hear' , the others are fine. I've cleared caches etc like they advise, nothing has changed. Earlier modules are fine, I can't say which modules they are as they are the ones that they choose for me when I log on. They must be later ones though as they usually have verbs in the future tense etc.. I've sent two reports now as it happened with a new module today but they keep asking for screenprints and I've sent about eight so far so I'm not sure they're getting them either. It's a bind because you get stuck halfway through a set of questions, you can't get your points allocated because you can't finish the set because you can't hear what they're asking.............. I've wasted a lot of time in the last two days!


This is definitely nothing to do with caches or modules - if there is no audio available for an exercise, then Duolingo shouldn't use those sentences for "Type what you hear" exercises - it has nothing to do with your pc, and it can only be fixed by changes on the Duolingo servers.

If there's a difference between earlier and later skills, it would only arise because there are more sentences with audio in the earlier exercises.


Yes I am having the same problem for the past few days with the "Type what you hear" questions. I emailed a comprehensive report and received an acknowledgement on 10 th Sept 17. I did not send any screenshots as they were all empty screens and to tell the truth I am not very tech savvy. Like others I am finding it frustrating as I am working on strengthening questions and this section appears to include quite an amount of these blanks. Lets hope it is put right soon as possible.


I solved the problem of blank screenshots - when I click on the audio & it doesn't work, I type NO SOUND in the answer and press 'Done'. It then marks me wrong and it shows what the answer should have been. I then take the screenshot & it shows them which question it was. I've got lots..........!


I do the same but I've finished my tree and really need the audio practice the most. Very frustrating. Hope they fix it soon. :)


I have the same problem with the "Type what you hear" questions. I've been revising by doing the "strengthen" excercises again & in the "food" section I had to guess "I have coffee", I eat an orange" & "It is fruit" without any sound for those sentences. That didn't used to happen & it annoys me.

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