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K-Pop Vocabulary Breakdown #1 - Whistle by Blackpink


Since Korean has finally been introduced, I've decided to do vocabulary breakdowns from some of my favorite K-pop songs.

I'll try not to make these so long! I made this quite long but next time I'll just do the chorus, a verse, or bridge.

Notice: Not everything will be accurate considering the fact my Korean hasn't been the best since I don't speak it where I live.

The korean title of this song, 휘파람, actually translates to "whistle" or "to whistle."


In the first verse, Rosé sings

넌 너무 아름다워 널 잊을 수가 없어 그 눈빛이 아직 나를 이렇게 설레게 해 Boom boom

which means

You’re so beautiful I can’t forget you Your eyes still make my heart flutter, boom, boom

Line 1: 넌 너무 아름다워/You’re so beautiful

넌 = You 너무 = So, too, overly 아름다워 = Beautiful (Un-conjugated: 아름답다 = To be beautiful)

Line 2: 널 잊을 수가 없어/I can’t forget you

널 = You 잊을 = Forget 수 = Ability to 없어 = Can't, don't have, without, none

This literally translates to "I don't have the ability to forget you." "수가 없어" together mean "don't have the ability."

Line 3: 그 눈빛이 아직 나를/Your eyes still

눈 = Eyes 빛 = Light, gleam, shimmer

"눈빛이" literally means "the light in someone's eyes."

Line 4: "이렇게 설레게 해" which is informal, means "(it) make(s) my heart flutter" but it can also mean "(it) make(s) me feel so excited" It depends on the context. "Make my heart flutter" was used because of the meaing of the song.


In the bridge, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé, respectively, sing:

바람처럼 스쳐가는 흔한 인연이 아니길 많은 말은 필요 없어 지금 너의 곁에 나를 데려가 줘 Ooh

which means

I hope we won’t just pass by like the wind No need for many words Now just take me to your side, ooh


Jennie's part (Part #1) 바람처럼 스쳐가는 흔한 인연이 아니길 = I hope we won’t just pass by like the wind


바람 = Wind 스쳐 = Graze (translated to pass by in the lyrics) 흔한 = Common(place) 인연이 = Separation in a relationship 아니길 = Be not (according to Naver)

Jennie literally says "I hope that we don't part ways like the wind thats passes by."

You can see that some of these lyrics aren't translated literally ex. "스쳐가는" and "인연이"


Jisoo's part (Part #2) 많은 말은 필요 없어/No need for many words

많이 = Many 말 = Words, a saying 필요 = Neccessity 없어 = Can't, don't have, without, none


Rosé's part (Part #3) 지금 너의 곁에 나를 데려가 줘 Ooh = Now just take me to your side, ooh

지금 = Now 너의 = Yours 곁에 = By, beside 나를 = Me 데려가 = Take, bring (Unconjugated : 데리다 = To bring) 줘 = Give

Although 줘 means give, it's not translated into the lyrics.


Conclusion: There are words added when speaking Korean that might not be translated literally. Some words are used to add more meaning/feeling to the sentence. This is very important in songs and it occurs often. And this is important to know when speaking Korean as well so you can get your point across.

~ Full lyrics: https://colorcodedlyrics.com/2016/08/blackpink-whistle-hwipalam

I cross-referenced Naver Korean English translator and the dictionary to make sure this was as accurate as possible for you all .^^

Thank you for reading this. Feedback is appreciated!

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As a Blink, I love this post!

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Thanks for sharing your effort. (I am not knowledgeable enough to give feedback.)

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