"Potřebujeme jména jejich matek a otců."

Translation:We need the names of their mothers and fathers.

September 8, 2017

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The correct translation would be: We need their mothers' and fathers' names. That is, the apostrophes indicating possession are missing. Unfortunately, there is no option to indicate this error with the feedback button.


That translation is accepted as well.


Yes, it is accepted, but it says that there is a typo in it. It says that the correct translation is without the apostrophe. This typo warning occurs all the time with possessive plural nouns. Probably it's a system error. (Of course, ”We need the names of their mothers and fathers.” is also correct.)


I dont know if this is now about english. But we need "the" names... Either it needs "the" =ta jména in the czech. Or we need makes of their.. Should be also correct


English requires the definite article here because the "names" are defined by "of...". Czech doesn't reflect that with anything. Using "ta jména" here would be emphasizing the reference to something mentioned previously (e.g. the names I already asked about yesterday) and would correspond to "those names".

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