"Hledám dům svých rodičů."

Translation:I am looking for my parents' house.

September 8, 2017

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I wrote " parents' " but the correction showed that I had written " parents ".

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    Yes, same here. And told me I was almost correct. The same happens with these English apostrofes in plural when learning other languages as well.


    If you write parent's, however, the answer is rightly rejected, but parents (with no apostrophe) is accepted as correct.
    I still can't see any pattern in how Duolingo treats punctuation marks; a little earlier I had an answer in the German course rejected for leaving out a question mark (which has never happened before to me). I wish it were consistent.


    Could this also be translated as "I am looking for a house for my parents"? Or would that have to be something like "Hledam dum pro svych rodicu"? Sorry, no accents on keyboard.


    is still incorrectly marking "parents'" as a typo....that apostrophe is needed


    tell that to the duo programmers. everybody else appears to know this. :-)


    What about "family's house"?


    I'd say there's a huge difference between 'family' and 'parents'.


    Why "dům svých rodičů" rather than "dům rodičů"? Is "svých" optional or required? Would it make a difference if the house were one that the parents owned but didn't live in?


    It is really parents' house possessive plural


    Why is "svých" not "their" in this case?


    Because the subject of the sentence is "I".


    Your audio portion frequently does not work. Lately when I tap" can't listen now" I'm scored an error & lose a heart. Before I could continue after being told audio would be back in an hour. Now I'm completely stymied.


    That's a Duulingo system-side problem. You might want to search the Troubleshooting forum for information, or report your experience there. The course team cannot do anything about it.

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