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KOREAN GUIDE: How to say hello In a Appropriate word selection

Why are there multiple words in Korean words to say Hello? Well that's cause it's the Korean culture. To people who are older then you, you must show respect which I'll explain to ya . Not only hello, but Korean have all kinds of different rules to speaking to a adult or anyone older that are taught at a young age. It's like table manners to Americans. Anyways let's start:

To a Friend you say: 안녕 never say this to a adult as this is like saying "What's Up" to a adult

To a adult you say: 안녕하세요

When speaking to a adult, ya should add 요 to the end of your sentences.

Ya say sorry like this between kids 미안헤

But to show respect to a adult ya say 죄송합니다

Thank you for reading this (I assumed ya did haha). And by the way there are way more rules than this but this is just to help ya get a basic idea.

P.s: If ya all didn't know, I'm a terrible speller both in English and Korean. Pardon me. -D are B than C

September 8, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Hate not having to make the slurping sound while eating your noodles? Well it's allowed in Korea.

    This is not true! Maybe in Japan, but not in Korea for certain


    Oops, Sorry I was half wrong. Well in japan it is a matter of being polite to slurp. But in Korea, ya don't slurp to be polite, it's just allowed. But this fact depends on the person your eating with, if they mind or not. When I told my friends from Korea that in America slurping is rude, they asked it is really hard not to. They are used to slurping cause it is allowed in Korea. Like I mentioned though, this depends on the person. When i was taught manners, I was taught i was allowed to slurp while eating ramen and eating in a Korean restaurant, but never in a american restaurant. If i'm wrong, feel free to tell me for I want to be accurate.


    Well in japan it is a matter of being polite to slurp

    That's not true either. There's a whole myth that it's supposed to "show compliments to the chef" or something, but there are tons of Japanese people saying how it's wrong (example: https://youtu.be/D-CFPIITPOU?t=4m10s). It's not polite, it's just what's considered normal.


    Ya, I wasn't clear. But like I said before, now it depends on the person. It isn't matter of being polite, rather it just a normal thing to some (like me and people i know)

    [deactivated user]

      Because they're kids....

      don't do it.

      really. Don't


      I guess if you did it very loudly people might get quietly annoyed, but honestly I hear adults doing this every day. I live in Gyeongnam so idk if etiquette differs that greatly from here to other places in the country (or beyond), but I can't believe it's that unacceptable


      Can you transliterate this please?


      wait, do ya mean translate the words?


      I mean transliterate, like how 아이 transliterates to ai.


      OK that's really hard cause their are sounds in Korean that don't exist in English. But I'll try


      No, I didn't really mean that. I meant like how 아 is transliterated to A, and 이 is transliterated to I, and ᄂ is N, and ᄆis M, ᄒis H, etc.


      By the way everyone, Just because my native language is Korean doesn't mean I'm perfect. So please tell me if i am miss informing everyone.

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