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I'm making a baltic prussian course on tinycards


Ummm. Sorry. Just spreading language love.

September 9, 2017



That's awesome (I'll try not to make assumptions based on your profile picture)!

I know little about Baltic Prussian and Prussia in general, except for the fact that Prussia doesn't exist anymore. If it wasn't for Hetalia, I wouldn't even know about its temporary existence (that goes for many other nations as well).


The nation of Prussia was a German-speaking nation and was a catalyst in the creation of the unified nation we today call Germany.

Baltic Prussian is a language that finally died off in the early 1700s and is related to the modern Lithuanian and Latvian languages. Old Prussian was spoken in what is today northeastern Poland.


That should be a short course! :P


Linguists in the baltic region are working on reviving it. Here's a dictionary. https://wirdeins.twanksta.org

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